Lighthouse Consultant Jim Woodward adjusts the drive gear during the restoration of the Old Mackinac Point Fourth Order Fresnel lens. Click to view enlarged image.

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Lighthouse Consultant LLC's Jim Woodward prepares the framework for insertion of the lens panels in the Heceta Head 1st Order lens. Click to view enlarged image

The Lighthouse Consultant provides preservation, restoration, maintenance, transportation and display services for lighthouse lenses of any characteristic or Order, and all other illuminating apparatus.

We have worked with numerous Governmental Agencies including Federal, foreign, State and local, and museums and historical societies in 13 States and 2 foreign countries. We work with a team of the finest modern-day lampists in the country. Every project is equally important and none is too large or too small.

Lighthouse Consultant Jim Woodward installs the Rock of Ages Second Order Fresnel lens in the Windigo Ranger Station on Isle Royale. Click to view enlarged image.

The Lighthouse Consultant LLC. 40 years experience in the restoration, repair and maintenance of Fresnel lighthouse lenses and their  mechanical components.